Dream PG

Dream PG

AI Based Tools


Tools for your Productivity

Tap the Power of AI

Subject-wise and Chapter-wise insights

Magical tool for efficient revision

Snap your notes with your mobile camera

Tag with Keywords


Retrieve your precious personal notes

Organised by Date

Locate easily with keywords

Are you aiming to get MD internal medicine in Lady Hardinge Medical college ?

Or MS Ortho in MMC ?

Which was the last rank and score.?

We have got the answers

When are you going to start preparing ?

How many days have you got – 300 days or 30 days ?

Are you confused on where to start and how to prepare?

We have got the solutions.

Our AI based custom planner has gone through the preparatory models

of several successful candidates and has produced an algorithm to predict a schedule suited to your needs.

19 subjects.

Few dozen books.

Few hundred study materials.

Don’t be lost in tracking mundane stuff.

Leave it to us to keep track of your efforts.

Look back.

Enjoy the view.

Be proud of your hard work.

And see if you can do better.

Continuous reading can be stressful.

Not able to read enough is stressful too.

But the key is to maintain perspective.

Take an assessment to see your frame of mind.

Feeling gloomy or worried.?

Wasting metal energy on non-productive stuff.?

Don’t hesitate to share and lighten your burden.

Talking helps.