Answer to your queries

Common Queries about DreamPG / NEXTAI.

1. What is Dream PG and its uniqueness?

Dream PG is an innovative NEET PG  preparation tool.

Let us put it simply.
You may be using any of the platforms like Marrow, E Gurukul, Prepladder etc.
We provide something of utmost importance that isn’t available elsewhere.

Prioritisation of Topics.
Optimisation of Revision.
With your existing materials.

Our tool complements your existing preparation, and optimises it in a short time

Feature list:

  • Paid (1 year duration)
    – NEXTAI – First time ever, AI based Analytics and Ranking of Chapters
  • Free
    – HippoKampus – To store and retrieve your own notes
    – Study Planner
    – Rank Predictor
    – Effort Tracker


The revision genie!

NEXTAI is a comprehensive analysis of the entire 19 subjects, with data generated by AI and curated by doctors, with one purpose.Among the 600 odd Chapters spread across 19 subjects, which chapter carries how much weight.?

With a short time to revise, which Chapter should I focus on first, so I don’t miss out on a easy question just before exam.?

Continuously optimized machine-learning algorithms, overseen by competent experts, have generated the following ranking of the hundreds of Chapters.

For the sake of brevity, we have collated the discrete metrics into simple baskets, for your easy revision.

Diamond  – Top 30 Chapters, that yield up to 55 questions, with analysis of the must read topics.

That is 200 marks from just 30 Chapters.

Gold – Includes 96 Chapters that can fetch up to 85 questions.

And so on..

3. IS NEXTAI reliable?

 This is apparently the first mathematical break up & analysis of the recent exam patterns and insights of high yield topics.

As new data is fed into the machine learning algorithm, it will get better with time in understanding patterns and making predictions.

4. How does the categories in NEXTAI work?

 The whole syllabus has been divided into 4 baskets based on the probable yield in exams – Diamond (the highest yielding), Gold and so on.

Diamond category has 30 chapters which can provide upto 50-55 questions ,which accounts for 200 marks. Gold category has around 96 chapters which can yield around 85 questions.

Subject wise ranking has also been provided for medical students in early stages of their preparation.

5. What is the validity for NEXTAI subscription?

It is valid for one year.

6. Do you provide notes/MCQs/Videos.?

  We help you to optimize your preparation with your existing platform and study materials. However we don’t provide Notes/MCQS/Tests.

7. Is it useful for INI CET also?

 Yes, it is handy.

8. Is NEXTAI the only paid feature?

 Yes, as of now. Presently, only NEXTAI is behind a paywall, and all other features are free to access. However the scenario may change in future.

9. What if I have some suggestions?

 You are most welcome. Relevant suggestions are promptly considered and implemented based on feasibility. Eg: The subject wise ranking you can see that the feature was suggested by Dr.Rahul Chaudhary.

Contact us for suggestions, WhatsApp us at 7907395177

10. When should I start preparing?

 The best time to start is NOW!! 

 Best wishes .