Exam Yield

Probability of getting 1 Question from this chapter 86%

Likely to get 4 marks from this.

Bit of eponymous stuff and lots from cataract. But interesting to read and remember.

Question Pattern

Basically every line from the Chapter on Lens in Parson can be a source of question.

Completely read Parson – Lens, and run through Kanski, plus MCQs.

Should be a reasonable yield.

Recent Questions

Questions on this chapter from recent NEET and AIIMS examinations have been about
  • Ligament of Weigert
  • IOL – Overview
  • Lenticonus – Picture and overview
  • MC type of congenital cataract
  • Typical appearance of diabetic cataract
  • Polychromatic lustre is seen in
  • Lens capsule is the thinnest at
  • Treatment of choice for after cataract
  • Elschnig’s pearls
  • SRK formula
  • Drugs causing cataract
  • Rigid IOL is made up of
  • Cataract – Postop Complications
  • Most important factor in the prevention of postoperative endophthalmitis
  • Best available procedure presently for cataract surgery
  • Embryonic development of the lens occurs from

Suggested Revision

More areas of likely questions:

  • Cataract – Clinical Features
  • Congenital rubella syndrome
  • Intracapsular cataract extraction
  • Hallerman-Streiff syndrome
  • ECCE techniques
  • Phacoemulsification
  • Maturation of Cortical Cataract
  • Ectopia lentis
  • Irrigating fluid for cataract surgery
  • Pelli-Robson chart
  • Lens – Anatomy
  • Lens – Physiology
  • Complications of cataract
  • Systemic diseases and associated cataracts
  • Congenital cataract
  • Congenital Cataract – timing of surgery
  • Fincham’s test
  • Common causes of Cataract

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