Exam Yield

Probability of getting 1 Question from this chapter 82%
Ease of Revision 8.8 / 10

Not a complicated chapter to revise. Know the drugs and indications and you are good to go.

Question Pattern

You should be revising the following areas

  • Mechanism of action
  • Ocular uses
  • Uses in Urology
  • Toxicity

Recent Questions

Questions on this chapter from recent NEET and AIIMS examinations have been about
  • Drugs causing central anticholinergic syndrome
  • Anticholinergic poisoning – Features
  • Drugs used in detrusor instability
  • Rx of motion sickness
  • Actions of atropine
  • Pirenzepine is used for
  • Short-acting mydriatic used in fundoscopy
  • Atropine – effect on Heart

Suggested Revision

  • Effect of parasympatholytics in Eye
  • Atropine Toxicity – Features, Rx
  • Types of Muscarinic receptors
  • Ipratropium vs Tiotropium
  • List of anticholinergics

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