Repsiratory Infections


Repsiratory Infections

Exam Yield

Probability of getting 1 Question from this chapter 131%

Likely that you may get 1 or 2 questions max.

But considering that you would have read same content in Medicine and Microbiology, should be easy picking.

Question Pattern

There is considerable overlap with Microbiology and Medicine in corresponding chapters.

And the questions are on basics of diagnostics and essentials of management.

Basically, what every doctor should be knowing in community practice.

Recent Questions

Questions on this chapter from recent NEET and AIIMS examinations have been about
  • Most appropriate method to assess the incidence of TB
  • Pneumonia – Classification
  • Paradoxical carrier definition
  • BCG Vaccination – protects against.?
  • Drug Regimens for TB
  • Diptheria – Vaccination & Surveillance
  • Localised Varicella – Does not require isolation
  • Pneumonia- Management
  • Recent influenza pandemic – Organism
  • Periods of Isolation for common Diseases
  • Confirmed case of H1N1 – Definition
  • Chicken Pox – Basic facts
  • Pneumococal vaccine- Most beneficial in.?
  • National Tuberculosis Institute – Location
  • Avian influenza vaccine – Basics
  • Pertussis – Basic Facts
  • Eradication of measles – percentage of immunization coverage
  • Rubella – Basic Facts
  • Measles – Basic Facts
  • Vaccine that requires strain change
  • Detect – Treat – Prevent – Build approach

Suggested Revision

Make sure you have read about the following:

  • Varicella Vaccine – Basic Facts
  • Method to assess prevalence of TB
  • Koplik’s spots
  • Measles elimination program – Basic Facts
  • Diagnostic algorithm for Pulmonary TB
  • Period of communicability of common diseases
  • Fastest Lab method to diagnose TB
  • Rx in HIV + TB
  • Smallpox Case definition
  • Measles Vaccination schedule
  • Tuberculin testing – Basics
  • Criteria for elimination of measles
  • ChickenPox vs Smallpox rash
  • Small pox eradication day
  • Classification of TB Patients Based on History of Treatment

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