Multifetal Gestation


Multifetal Gestation

Exam Yield

Probability of getting 1 Question from this chapter 20%
Ease of Revision 5.61 / 10

Question Pattern

Two aspects have to be covered.

One, the theoretical basis of twin pregnancies.

Two, challenges during delivery.

Recent Questions

Questions on this chapter from recent NEET and AIIMS examinations have been about
  • Best time to identify the type of twin pregnancy on ultrasound
  • MC presentations of fetuses in multifetal pregnancy
  • Superfecundation
  • MC type of conjoined twins
  • Twin peak/Lambda sign

Suggested Revision

  • Hellins rule
  • Twin to twin transfusion syndrome
  • Indication of internal version
  • Time of division Type of twin
  • Quintero staging
  • Monochorionic monoamniotic twins
  • Dichorionic pregnancy
  • MC type of multifetal pregnancy
  • Zygosity vs Chorionicity
  • Twin reversal arterial perfusion

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