Special Senses


Special Senses

Exam Yield

Probability of getting 1 Question from this chapter 30%
Ease of Revision 7.41 / 10

Question Pattern

Another Chapter similar to higher functions. Random stuff, with no unifying logic.

Recent Questions

Questions on this chapter from recent NEET and AIIMS examinations have been about
  • Mitral cells are seen in
  • Which form of vitamin A combines with opsin to make rhodopsin?
  • Rod receptor potential vs surface receptors
  • Lesions in the optic pathway
  • Umami taste is evoked by
  • Initiation of visual impulse is associated with
  • Order of neurons in the visual pathway

Suggested Revision

  • Parvocellular pathway
  • Features of Photoreceptors
  • Central Auditory Pathway
  • Differences between Rods and Cones
  • Layers of Retina
  • Amacrine cells

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