Disorders of Immunity


Disorders of Immunity

Exam Yield

Probability of getting 1 Question from this chapter 91%
Ease of Revision 8.2 / 10

4 marks for the taking.

A reasonably easy Chapter, if you can remember one-to-one associations.


Question Pattern

This is a rather busy Chapter. Though nothing in-depth, you may have to remember an array of syndromes and their pathogenesis and Clinical features.

Recent Questions

Questions on this chapter from recent NEET and AIIMS examinations have been about
  • Lupus Nephritis – Overview
  • Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome – Clinical features
  • Severe combined immunodeficiency
  • IgG4 spectrum
  • Hyperacute rejection
  • Patterns of Nuclear staining
  • Lymphomas in AIDS
  • Primary immunodeficiency disorders
  • Antibodies in SLE
  • Thymic autoregulation

Suggested Revision

  • DiGeorge syndrome
  • IgA deficiency
  • Complement Deficiencies
  • Chédiak–Higashi syndrome
  • SLE Clincal features
  • Raynaud phenomenon
  • Hereditary angioneurotic edema
  • Wiskott–Aldrich syndrome
  • Chronic granulomatous disease

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